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Weight Of The World

March 3, 2015
By chipra SILVER, Jabalpur, Other
chipra SILVER, Jabalpur, Other
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You have a choice either to Live or Exist....

May be I'm 15, but I don't feel so.

I have to take care of many things,

Running all day and keeping up all night long.

There are different teachers at school

and I have to work for them all,

because if I don't they'll punish me and

may be keep me in the same grade for some time more.

Every teacher wants me to work for only their subject.

But why don't they ever ask me,

what interest me?

I fake a smile to everyone I meet on my way back.

Because if I don't they'll rip me.

My friends are not my freinds,

an enemy is better then them.

But I have to play with them,

because if I don't, loser is what they'll call me.

At home, before changing and keeping my bag aside

I have to run to grocery shop

because if I don't 24 hours I'll have to die alone.

Life plays a sick game with me,

and everyone thinks I'm winning it.

Why don't they come and switch places with me and enjoy this little heaven I'm dying in

The weight of the world on my shoulders is getting heavy.

I just want to cry but nobody allow me,

I think I will die in silent playing this game

Under the weight of the noises

without any name

and without raising voice.

The author's comments:

Ummm... Life is seriously a game... People screem on you even if it's not your fault and people screem on you even if you do something good for them...

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