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May 21, 2015
By Craypoet BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Craypoet BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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I am nobody/are you nobody too/-Emily Dickinson

Anatidaephobia is the pervasive, irrational fear that somewhere in the world a duck is watching you

I bend our group therapy session
Into a halo for the angel of misery

We are discussing our fears

The boy to my right is a kamikaze

The wall is his enemy

He says his greatest fear
Is that there is a duck watching

I am an AK
Afraid of the bullets in me

A duck walks over us
Screaming about
The Destiny of things

God if I am bullet
Make me silver
So the wolves can't eat

My father was a werewolf I say

He had a tendency to feast on pain

The therapist stops me

Of what are you afraid

They used to call me beautiful I say
I am afraid that things have changed

The duck falls through a rafter
And his body concaves into his everything

The boy to my right
Remains exactly the same

Because what we comprehend is this
One dead duck can't end the duckness

One less swing can't end the darkness

I love the way her hour glass
Fits into my wine skins

But what happens when I'm drunk into touching

When some part of me decides
The glass and sand should be
Rusted on the tough ends

What happens when the werewolf comes knocking

Should I let him in

I am not afraid of being my father

I fear being his son

I fear being a father

And these will be the words of my son

My dad
Had punching bags for a family

I have been happy

But Murphy's law
Is like gravity

Everything is falling

If these hands can break the hourglass
What will the duck be watching

They should have called me cookie
Because I am crumbling

Love won't lose her sweet tooth
Even with the warnings

Beware the dog
That is sure to rest
In my family tree

Do not fall in love with me

It takes lots of effort to accomplish standing

Cut my hands off love

I will love you with my poetry

Sometimes I wonder if a star wonders what he might become

Supernova is Destiny

There is no way to end this poem
Without chaining up the rest of me

If this hour glass beauty
Is my better half
Then somehow break away
The best of me

Discontinue my becoming

The duck on the floor is moving

Someone tell him
His waddling
Is driving me crazy

Just hold me

When I say I am afraid of everything
I really Mean
I don't think
Is enough

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