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Rythm of life

July 21, 2015
By DanteDrakien PLATINUM, Ogden, Utah
DanteDrakien PLATINUM, Ogden, Utah
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"Do not go gentle in that good night, Rage rage against the dying of the light"

Throughout all of time,

We feel it's gentle touch,

And we see it's light shine,

But there's way too much,

We can't get down to the golden flow,

Where all life begins and ends,

And that's all we know,

This is life's trends,

But that's when we hear the beat,

That's when the rythm makes us dance,

Like there's no more cold or heat,

As if we're stuck in a trance,

This rythm is what we use to see,

There's more to it than the golden fall,

Because there's much more to be,

When we stand tall,

This life of rythm and beat is all we hear,

It's our lantern in the dark,

It's our weapon against fear,

It's what helps us make our mark,

And when all is settled and silent, as the still night,

Just look up, and you'll see it, the rythm flows,

As if off music sheets through the dark light,

Lining up and shining in different rows,

Gleaming in our eyes,

With millions of goodbyes.

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