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Memories of my Brother V

October 5, 2015
By mereCat PLATINUM, Horsham, Other
mereCat PLATINUM, Horsham, Other
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"I am finally colouring inside the lines I live between"

There is not much wrong with being your sister

Aside from the fact

That I am your sister


Am I clever?

Am I musical?

Am I polished?

Am I mature?

Am I mathematical?

Am I God's gift to physics?

Am I growing?

Am I working?

Am I cooking?

Am I polite?

Am I the foundation for family pride?

Am I Einstein?

Am I an inspiration?

Am I a piece of a turqoise heart that Mum strung round her neck for six months?


I am a kite that scrambled into a tree and a paper aeroplane that slid off course and an ink pen staining the bed sheets and a pair of ballet shoes that cannto stay perfect and I am an unmade bed and an upset room and an upset mind and I am the smell of books and the sand between your toes and the pivot of a sea-saw

I am the child that tried to live.

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