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January 5, 2016
By DanteDrakien PLATINUM, Ogden, Utah
DanteDrakien PLATINUM, Ogden, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"Do not go gentle in that good night, Rage rage against the dying of the light"

Deep in the middle of the night,
A thousand stars shine,
Creating a million lights,
So that we may balance on the line,
That silver thread that glows and burns bright,
It tempts us to cross, with a single wish,
But don't be fooled by sight,
Listen to the words as it sways,
Many can't hear the song of the moon,
But if you listen real close, the stars begin to dance,
And you can be across soon,
Let the night take you into it's trance,
Then take flight in the light ridden sky,
Passed all that is hate,
Just close your eyes and try,
Take a leap and change your fate,
Because stars are more than lights,
Just one is your shining rose,
As it glows in the beauty of your sight,
And like a river it flows,
From the night sky,
And into your eye,
Destiny is something you will wield,
And to no evil will you yield.

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