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April 10, 2016
By zadiekatie23 PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
zadiekatie23 PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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Something in me tingled
When I saw her up on screen
So unexpected
I must have been holding
      my breath
All of a sudden,
There she was


I got chills -
She was the only one,
Out of everyone
To give me them


Simple as can be
Her alone
Smiling against the bright
      background of sky
And green trees


[I can't say
I've ever felt that before
I wasn't by myself in the theater -
Mixed with the crowd, in fact,
But seated just on the edge


Maybe that was a dangerous place
      to be sitting
The overflow of indistinguishable
Almost pushed me over]


It took me a while to return to
[But what if that was normal?
Was that what was meant to be,
Meant to happen?
If Norma wills it]
The slides kept shifting,
Pictures changing


Perhaps it didn't happen
After all

The author's comments:

written for my best friend

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