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Heart Stopped in a Parking Lot

November 12, 2016
By TheWisp GOLD, Belvidere, Illinois
TheWisp GOLD, Belvidere, Illinois
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“I still want to be more than this”
You said,
As we stood in the parking lot,
After the school day did end.

Then why hadn’t you tried?
We hadn’t once spoken,
Ever since I’d accused us,
Of being broken.

“I still really care about you”
You looked into my eyes,
I heard the sweet intentions,
But I saw only lies.

When I speak your eyes go distant,
All your responses are sighs,
And your smile disappears,
When I’m by your side.

“Some days, you’re the only thing that makes me happy”
You murmured forlornly,
Imploring me to pity you,
To not leave you sad and lonely.

Yet that isn’t fair to me,
I can’t be your life crutch,
And just today I’d spied you laughing heartily,
With your boys at lunch.

“I love you”
You said,
As we stood in the parking lot,
Our hearts filling with dread.

If you loved me you would’ve acted with less hate,
You would’ve acknowledge my worries,
You would’ve talked with me during dates,
You would’ve treated me like a person.

I should’ve felt something for you,
As we stood beside my car,
Your simple speech should’ve moved me,
Like they did once before.

But all I felt is sadness,
That you think your girl,
Can be won back easily,
With no action, only words.

I feel wretched now,
For saying goodbye,
But I’d felt even worse,
If I’d stayed by your side.

So I said goodbye to you,
In that school parking lot,
I knew it would hurt,
But I was stronger than I thought.

Every day that you’re gone,
It’s easier for me to see,
Though you claimed otherwise,
I was just an accessory.

“I love you”
You said,
In that cold parking lot,
But I knew you too well,
The charade had to stop.

The author's comments:

Actions speak louder than words.

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