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Almost like the ocean

October 4, 2017
By Bueriah SILVER, Miami, Florida
Bueriah SILVER, Miami, Florida
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Waves cheering under the suns warmth, slow dancing with the gentle touches of wind.
In a world you’d think is close, really- is more of a boundless collection poisoned with distance between individuals.
There’s many people in this world- most of who don’t know of others that exist. Even those famous actresses, actors, singers or dancers that appear commonly on your television that raise a heavy amount of over a million people which acknowledge them- aren’t known by everyone.
With this, It’s almost like the ocean.
It’s roaring and is all in one- primarily kept to itself in several areas for various locations. Yet, the further it extends from land, the more foreign it becomes to the surface.

Take a stroll to a busy city, notice the hundreds adding to thousands of people chasing with time, meeting up with friends or socializing with new people. There would be some you would assume may not mind the fact that they know only a small portion of people out of this whole world.
Then again, when you’re on a rush to deliver a triple deluxe pizza with two liter beverages and bread sticks through a herd- I doubt there would be much thought on knowing the other billions walking amongst the same globe as you.

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This thought randomly occured to me and I thought I'd share it

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