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The Space Where You Used to Lay

December 30, 2017
By Madicat24 BRONZE, Walkerton, Indiana
Madicat24 BRONZE, Walkerton, Indiana
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I walk towards the space where you used to lay
As memories come and fade away
Silent tears start rolling down my face
As I look at the empty space
I slide down to the floor as I remember you there
Back when I could run my fingers through your hair
I can feel your presence as if you were here
I start talking I hope you can hear
I lay my head down and as it hits the cold floor
I start to realize it will never be warm
I start to hear the silent thump of your tail
And the scraping of your nails
But it’s all a figment of my imagination
Because it’s only in my best dreams that I see you
As I trace the nail marks in the floor
I can feel you more and more
I curl up in a ball in the space where you used to lay
As I let the memories take my mind away

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