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Damsel In distressed Jeans

February 21, 2018
By cat_the_creative GOLD, Austin, Texas
cat_the_creative GOLD, Austin, Texas
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Why would you treat me that way
Why on earth do I deserve that
Why do you have to play so hard to get
What is it that I do that causes this reaction
Why do i always have to be seen as a distraction
A damsel in distressed jeans is all i am
Lonely and cold
tied to the railroad
A piece of worthless trash
You treated me like that
How does it feel
To know that You made me feel
Like their would never be a chance for me to heal
Don't you know I have feelings
I am indubitably a real human being
Does it make you proud to be such a horrible person
To be so insensitive and mean
Even though im older those parts of me you exploited have never quite grew
Back to what they were before
Before I was touched by your chilling insults
You and your companions
Your minions
Why does that always happen to me
A damsel in distressed jeans
Sometimes i wish I could erase my past

But I know it's impossible
After all you made me what I am today
A broken
Damsel in distressed jeans

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