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Thoughts of Purple

January 31, 2019
By Kittensdamittens SILVER, York, Pennsylvania
Kittensdamittens SILVER, York, Pennsylvania
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That day when I met

That one important person

The color purple

Many people may say

“What? No, how could you think that?”

I don’t think it’s wrong

How would you feel about

People thinking of you as wrong

I don’t understand

Is there something wrong

With liking someone like her?

What have I done wrong?

I hear a wail

Tinged with anguish and regret

That won’t happen, right?

Your cold hearts break my

Resolve into small pieces

I want to do it

The longer I think,

I think about me and her

How long will it take?

My love will shatter

And my life will bleed away

Perhaps I thought wrong?

But it couldn’t be

Just a secret in my mind

A flower that blooms forth

A loving embrace

Is what I truly long for

I hope to receive

A time I thought of

When I learned all things must end

His eyes stare at her

The happy times we

Thought could never end at all

Were abruptly ended

Sure, he liked me and

He was a shining beacon

A pure soul indeed

Then, she came along

Ruined our relationship

Those bright days are gone

Purple can bring the

Life back to my shattered heart

Become the bright light

Purple is the color

Of Akiara

Her intended gift

My lucky cat sits

Against the blue ‘reminders’

He who I have seen

I pass with very

Few thoughts of the cat hanging

He swings from my door

I glance across the

Room, and I feel elated

I need to tell her

Abashed, I try to

Hide my blush at her approach

I’ve probably failed

I tell her of the

Haiku I have made for her

In a false daydream

A break, some time off

To me, time I can’t see her

Time will never stop

A lot of things in

My room are purple, like her

Reminders of her

A thought comes to mind

What if she doesn’t like me?

I perish the thought

If she doesn’t care

All of my thoughts are for naught

My love grows stronger

My darting gold(ish)

Eyes make my crush obvious

“I can’t tell you why”

Does she already know?

I feel a tug at my heart

Long concealed feelings

A feeling I can’t

Quite describe with simple words

So many emotions

I think I could be

Someone you appreciate

More than a friend, even

I’m still trapped in your

Gaze, like I’m a deer in headlights

A bad thought returns

How long can I keep

Going with this fantasy?

I can’t just stop here

It feels wrong to say

“I can hold on for longer”

Like I could ever

Actually, could

I even think about it?

Am I all that bad?

Confessions are hard

I never confessed to him

But he did say it

“I like haikus,” she

Tells me, and I work harder

Possibly, one day

When the day comes, I

Must do my part in this

If I fail, oh well

Although the scars of

Yesterday may stay inside

You can move on, live

How many years did

I care for him, and his charm?

It was almost 5

Still, that charm was nice

I hadn’t seen it before

Now, he’s just okay

I considered him

A brother at some point there

It felt really wrong

To be honest, I

Don’t know when I’ll stop

It’s never ending

This might be getting

The cat out of the basket

Or, out of hand

Purple kind of makes

Me think of the blueberries

(They’re purple, not blue)

Blueberries are sweet

A nice change of pace from salty

I rarely eat them

There is a lot of things

I could keep talking about

I probably can’t

I see the purple

In the necklace I put on

The color never fades

A variety

Of other colors swirl through

Mauve catches my eye

The colors dance,

Forming a sort of chain link

It’s never-ending

The author's comments:

This is dedicated to someone special to me.

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