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Night's better half

October 31, 2009
By Ollie BRONZE, Katy, Texas
Ollie BRONZE, Katy, Texas
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Impossibly bright
A great king rises above
Ruling by birthright
As he shines down love

Casting swords of light
Fighting the enemy
No chance for night
The sun protects everything

Blinding it may be
As he sits upon his throne
His warmth sinking into me
Burning compassion into my bones

A party the sun throws
As he pours us his decades wine
Watching us like puppets of shows
While he sits back and reclines

Swirling life’s wine
Taking a sip
Thinking clearly his fingers entwines
For he is our royal kingship

The sun king
Smiling down
Carrying us under his wing
While the trumpets start to sound

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