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Too Late

December 15, 2009
By Skittlez PLATINUM, Whabawhahoo, Wyoming
Skittlez PLATINUM, Whabawhahoo, Wyoming
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When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window:):)

take a breath
and make it deep
cos its the last
you'll ever breathe
its far to late
to turn around
your nearly there
6ft underground
you close your eyes
and raise your hand
your knees are shaking
you can barely stand
but its too late
to change your mind
you think in death
some peace you'll find
you slowly clench
your fist in wait
for your other hand
to seal your fate
and whisper a prayer
to the god above
wishing you'd known
the meaning of love
its too late now
the deed is done
the painful process
already begun
you shed a tear
as you remember the past
he whispers "i love you"
and you know its the last
he looks at you sadly
begging you to let go
"its too late now
the answer is no"
a lump in your throat
begins to form
your struggling to fight
this inner storm
you turn away
and he cries in pain
he knows that you've won
but have nothing to gain
your determined now
to finish the task
to give up the fight
and lay down the mask
the hardest is over
you tell yourself
just count to three
sometimes it helps shudder
2...nearly there
3...its over
but you don't even care
the rest is easy
you sadly figure
and with that said
you pull the trigger
the last thing you hear
as you fall to the ground
your lover is screaming
and then a booming sound
then all is silent
he cries out no more
for you and your lover
lie dead on the floor.

The author's comments:
im not quite sure how i was inspired to write this, but i was really depressed, so maybe thats why

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