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So Not Sorry

June 17, 2010
By Vannah913 PLATINUM, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Vannah913 PLATINUM, Olive Branch, Mississippi
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"Life sucks; then you die. Yeah, I should be so lucky." by Jacob Black in Breaking Dawn and/or "Sugarcubes with rabies." by my friends and I

You wanted me to be
Someone other than me
You can’t force me to believe in you

I’m so not sorry
For how I am
What I am
Who I’m always gonna be

You had your facts wrong
I never planned to wait this long
You never wanted me in the first place so why should I


You build me up
As tall as the sky
You put me down
Why do you feel the need
To change
When I honestly need you


And you’re not sorry
For mistreating me
You’re not sorry
For all of your lies
Never been sorry for
How you are
What you are
Who you’re always gonna be
And if that’s true, don’t try to change me

(Chorus ×3)

Your personality
Has had an effect on me
And we’re not sorry

The author's comments:
Don't change for someone else. Stick true to who you are. If they don't like you for you; well, they need to suck it up and get over it or walk out the door.

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