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Response to "Dark Lady": Venerable Sir

May 29, 2010
By OnyxDivine PLATINUM, Scarborough, Other
OnyxDivine PLATINUM, Scarborough, Other
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My master he is the weaker of men.
Reflects of his hairless crown pains the eye;
Dull orbs so dimm’d gives nothing to commen’d
Lips bloodless; pale like bitter winter sky.

In unkept black straw one finds table scrap;
Trembling composure words provide no cache.
Rouge with powder create sharpness mayhap,
But stink hard to mask when beasts and dirt clash.

Ladies they counsel, his likeness a dozen;
Lowering of the lashes will lure them fast;
With more affection and bourses they surely reckon;
Why ride thee ancient mount of summer past?

And yet, this ardorous love engulfs me so,

Beyond slanders or what any can behold.

The author's comments:
First time writing a Shakespearean sonnet, I really liked the idea of a response to this famous poem.

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