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Two Eyes, One World

August 14, 2011
By mclayne SILVER, Barrington, Illinois
mclayne SILVER, Barrington, Illinois
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Two eyes opened wide from a rest so mild
one of a man, the other of a child

Two eyes gazed at the sun up in the sky
one turned to squint, blinded by what it saw
The other stretched to greet the sun so high,
Standing up on tip-toes so filled with awe

Two eyes peered out to see what new day beams
One poised and ready to let come what will
The other ran to chase such wild dreams
all possibilities were endless still

Two eyes were forced to witness the cruel world
one shuddered at the dire atrocity
The other knowing not what had unfurled
was questioning with curiosity

Two eyes looked in the mirror at their own face
One judging every flaw and each defect
The other looking on themselves with grace
Not ready to see life with this reject

Two eyes shut to embrace the dark of night
one filled with stress, the other with delight
Dreaming with different views yet to proclaim,
Two eyes realized they are one and the same

The author's comments:
This was inspired from the novel To Kill A Mockingbird and speaks to the way adults and children view the world

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