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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   Anneof Avonlea is Lucy Maud Montgomery's amazing sequel to her triumphant Anne ofGreen Gables. The story continues the life of Anne Shirley, a 16-year-old girl onPrince Edward Island, as she gets into scrapes, becomes Avonlea's school teacher,and allows her vivid imagination to carry her through it all.

Anne's storyenthralls the reader with unexpected turns and mishaps in Anne's struggle tobecome a well-respected woman of Avonlea under the watchful eyes of a whole townof loving friends.

Montgomery has an amazing ability to bring hercharacters to life. She makes the reader feel as though Anne and Avonlea bothexist, and that Green Gables is an actual place, with vivid details and abelievable plot in a time when these challenges and lifestyles were very real.

Anne and Marilla struggle to keep Green Gables, the small farm on whichtheir income is based, in a time when women had few careers to choose from, andproper etiquette was always expected. It was also a time of new ideas, though,and Montgomery does a wonderful job keeping the reader interested. You'll read onto see how she solves this problem and what challenges follow. Then, it is alltied together in one complete, smooth-running story.

Anne of Avonlea isthe second in the Anne of Green Gables series; the books have been made intomovies that do an excellent job bringing the story to the screen. I think thefilms would appeal to anyone who enjoyed the books.

Anne of Avonlea is anovel that appeals to both young and old. Anne's free spirit is essential to thisclassic story that not only makes you laugh, but invites you into a world of openimagination. Her intriguing personality captures a broad audience, and I wouldsay the series is a must-read for those with Anne's "kindred spirit."


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