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The Plain Truth

October 10, 2007
By Anonymous

The Plain Truth

Who are the Amish; are they just some people who are known for their plain dress and averting modern technology? No, deep down they are presently like us, they breathe, eat, and drink. This novel, Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult, lets the readers look inside the Amish faith from the exterior to then discern a whole new universe.
The book starts when a young unmarried Amish girl named Katie goes into labor and has a child in her barn. The baby is then found lifeless and Katie is condemned of murdering her own child. Katie's relationship with her father is broken now that she has had a child unwed. Ellie Hathaway a big municipality lawyer accepts to take her case, after Katie's Aunt Leda pleads with her. Trying to figure out the best way to create a defense, Ellie considers several factors: is Katie insane, was the child a stillborn, or did it die of natural causes? Katie seems to remember nothing, but slowly the details come back to her and together she and Ellie pieces the story together. Who killed the child, and why? Who is the father? Over a period of time, Ellie and Katie determine a connection between them and develop into friends, but will Katie's relationship with her boyfriend survive?
In the courtroom, Ellie is prepared, but what will the other attorney throw at her? Who wins the case? Will Katie be excommunicated like her brother or sent to jail?
I treasured each and every character the author produced. The clues throughout the story lead me to believe one probability, when in the end the true mastermind behind the crime is reveled and it is a total shock.

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