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Peak by Roland Smith

May 27, 2008
By Anonymous

By: Roland Smith
Scholastic Inc. New York (2007)

Peak is about a boy named Peak who lives in New York with his mother. Peaks father lives in Tibet and is a tour guide up to the top of Everest. Peak loves to climb like his father and mother but since he lives in New York there are not very many mountains to climb so Peak has to climb something else. He climbed skyscrapers until he got arrested. Peak would have gone to jail if his father hadn't have stepped in and said that Peak could live with him until Peak's time was made up. So Peak went to Tibet with his dad and without Peak or his mother knowing, Peak climbed Mount Everest. Along the way Peak got into some trouble but also made lots of friends. His best friend was Sun-jo who is around the same age as Peak. Sun-jo was the cause of one of the problems but it was soon forgotten. The other problem was that Peak's dad had used some of the money from his clients to get gear so that he could try to get Peak to the summit. Somehow they found out and forced Peak to go back down the mountain. So Peak had to go up a different way with Sun-jo and eventually Peak came three feet from the top of the world which is where he stopped. He did not get to the top. Peak went down the mountain and went home to start a normal life again.

The main character Peak love to climb like his mother and father. After a while Peak got board of climbing the old rock wall that the town had and that is how he got started climbing skyscrapers. Peak lives with his mother and twin sisters which he calls the Peas because you will always see them together.

Peak is a great book for people who love adventure. This book may have lots of descriptive writing but the only reason it is in there is so that it can help you understand what is going on and to be able to give you a better perspective on how the characters were feeling. Peak is full of adventure and keeps you wondering what will happen next.

I rate this book at 8 out of 10 with 10 being the highest you could go. The reason I give this an 8 is because at some parts it can get pretty long but then it gets better.

This book is a realistic book because it contains some real information about Everest. Another reason this book is realistic is because there really could have been a boy who this story was about.

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