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Juggling For The Complete Klutz MAG

By Anonymous

   Have you ever gone to the circus and wondered just how the clowns learned how to juggle? Especially with all those bowling pins or rubber chickens? Well, this past summer I took a crash course in juggling by using the book Juggling for the Complete Klutz. It is one of many books in a series devoted to helping klutzes all over the world do weird things. The book was written by John Cassidy and B.C. Rimbeaux, who, in their own little way, taught me to juggle. The first basic step in learning to juggle is the DROP. Everyone knows the drop. It is the most frequent thing done in juggling.The book goes on to explain moves like the TOSS, the EXCHANGE (where you juggle with two balls), and finally, the JUG, where you use all three balls.

I must mention, since you're probably wondering, the book comes with three juggling balls. These balls, made of calico and denim, will give you hours of frustration. They are designed so that if (or should I say when) they hit the floor, they don't roll or bounce.

Overall, this book was very good in tutoring me to juggle without redesigning glass tables in the process and to impress famous people, like my boss and parents, especially when they saw my last report card! Oh, the book also says that juggling by the road is likely to get you a ride, if you've ever hitchhiked!n

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i love this !