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Flags of Our Fathers

November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

Flags of Our Fathers

Author: James Bradley

This book follows the six flag risers of Iwo Jima. Mike, Harlon, Ira, Rene, Doc, and Franklin are all in group D, and this group ends up having to raise the flag a second time after the first one was ruined. Has they raise the flag a photographer that was their didn't even frame the picture, he just got his camera and took a picture to see how it would come out, and now its one of the most memorable and meaningful pictures in the U.S. and history. The battle takes place on Iwo Jima, and goes on for several months. But three of them get shipped backed home before they die. This war-documentary genre type book is one to go down for the ages, if you like long boring and dull books.

“Everyone who died on that island is a hero" This is a quote from Doc Bradley, one of the six flag raisers from Iwo Jima who when he got home didn't want to be named a hero just for lifting the flag, because he believed that everyone who died on that island and everyone who survived on that island is a hero, not just the flag risers. Has all the remaining flag risers return home, only three, both Doc and Ira avoid the spotlight, while Rene tries to keep getting attention for his accomplishments, then dies at age 54 of alcohol poisoning. So the theme of this book, I'm not really sure, it just explains one event to another.

This book is not one of the best books. This book is slow, not interesting, boring, doesn't even explain well enough, not enough action even though it's a documentary, makes no sense at points, and is just not a good book. Thank you for your time and wasting mine on this book, I hate you so much for making this book, and somebody tell Clint Eastwood to stop making movies on the same book, we get it already.


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