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Happy Kid

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Happy Kid

Happy Kid is the best so in your face book there is. It is so humbling and humiliating to the characters in it. And how he (Kyle) just has to do the books commands makes it seem like magic. I also think it is so funny how this book is simply ruining Kyle's daily routine of staying invisible but he still reads it. Especially for just one dollar a chapter. Which his sister thought was total bribery. But as his therapist mom puts it “behavior modification”. This keeps the problem serious but with doses of dry humor always appearing around the corner here and there. This book is totally gripping and it will keep you reading into the night. No matter how old you are. It shows real life situations and puts a great highlight on yourself and if you just plain aren't a happy person. And if you think negative a lot. So if you are, get ready to smile with this bright, classic, and seat-thrilling entertainment. Because Happy Kid is the most as in your face book as there is ever going to be. I guarantee it from the beginning adventures to the ending actions. So the next time you see someone sitting at home that cant find anything to read you can always recommend the book called Happy Kid by Gail Gauthier and the will be smiling for a long time. Especially if they are negative, don't be surprised if they come back saying a polite thank you.

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