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All I Ever Wanted by Cecily von Ziegesar

November 20, 2007
By Brittni Steineke BRONZE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
Brittni Steineke BRONZE, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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All I Ever Wanted
Cecily von Ziegesar

When I first looked at the cover of this book it looked boring. I don't read many books, maybe 3 a year. When I started the first book it was really good so I finished it. Then I ended up starting the next one, I just finished the third book.

Serena and Blair are the main characters. They are seniors in an all girl's school calls Constance Billiard school. They graduate in six months. After they graduate Blair plans on going to Yale, and Serena plans on going to Brown.

Blair and Serena were best friends, till Serena moved out of the state. Before Serena moved away she was the most popular girl in her school. Then when she moved away Blair turned into the most popular girl. Blair is dating Nate, the cutest boy in New York.

Now Serena came back and wonders why no one likes her. The book is mainly about a whole bunch of girl drama that goes on in the world. Jenny is a freshman and likes Nate but doesn't know that Blair and Nate are dating.

As you read the books you start to think what life would be like if you had parties to go to ever weekend. Like big fancy ones, you will also start thinking about dating and what kind of guy you have choose and the ones to watch out for.

If you choose this book, witch I recommend you read, you will not want to stop reading. They tell you about life choices and how to get through all the drama.

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