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Where the Heart Is

May 29, 2008
By Anonymous

Before we began reading this book by Billie Letts, I've heard people say it was very good and they loved it. This got me really interested in reading it with our English class. But this was not what I thought of the book, even though the book had a very good theme - Home is where the heart is, and a lot of symbolism to America.

This novel begins with a 17 year old pregnant, Novalee Nation, left in a Wal - Mart Sequoya, Oklahoma, without any money or family. For two months she lived in the Wal - Mart without anyone knowing, until she gave birth to her baby. During this whole time and life living there, Novalee meets friends who are her family; makes a living for herself and her daughter; learns what true a true home and family are, and learns to love and trust.

This novel also symbolizes very well what America is really like. For example, how some American women are over - weight and try some weird crazy diets, but still eat fast food.

This book has very interesting characters, but what I did not like was that the characters were not described very well, so that a reader could form their own image of the character while reading.

This novel was interesting, but I did not like the book. I would not recommend this book to other people.

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