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Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

February 16, 2011
By WerewolfWriting BRONZE, Eerie, Nevada
WerewolfWriting BRONZE, Eerie, Nevada
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"Life is not about the breaths we take but about the people who take our breath away."

Before I Fall is a tale I will never forget.

Lauren Oliver, the author of Before I Fall, showcases her talent in her first novel brilliantly. Even after reading it twice, I still get chills up my spine and tears down my cheeks.

The reader enters the life of Samantha Kingston, a popular and somewhat-snotty senior. On Valentine's Day, she plans to lose her virginity to her "True Love", ruin a girl's life, and have a rocking time doing it. But on the ride home from the keg party, her life will change forever.

Given a second chance to fix her wrong-doings and understand why they were wrong, Sam learns that different angles gives you different views on the world around her. As you dig deeper into Kingston's life along with Samantha, you learn that the first glimpse doesn't always give you a full picture.

As you read Before I Fall, you start to examine your own life and actions and how they affected others. As you dive into the pages of this funny and heartwarming story, you learn that maybe you should hug you siblings goodnight and tell your mother that you love her one more time, while you still can. Before I Fall makes you realize what you would do for another person, no matter who they are. This novel makes you enter the chilling truth of what you would do for someone when you realize the full picture.

The author's comments:
Excited to see what's next for Lauren Oliver.

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