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Juice by Eric Walters

March 7, 2008
By Anonymous

This book I have read “Juice” is none stop action, if you love sports books this is for you. About the book it starts off at the championship game and they where up by 3 points and the other team had the ball. The last play of the game, it was down to this play but as the ball was in motion… The ball fumbled they other team picked it up they won the game! But the next time they went to the championship at the end all because of steroids once you put it in your body it changes your personality and what you look like. And it could change your life forever… it is a adventure and sports book. So if you are interested you better get this book before someone else does. But more about the book the main character is David he has a lot of problems but he always over comes then. But he also meets new friends and new enemy’s.

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