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The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

February 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The book the miraculous journey of Edward Tulane is a great book on learning how to love and not be selfish and learn how much love you can get from one family. What love you can get I will probably take it. And Edward gets to much love he is loved by many people and he gets renamed by every family he gets. The first girl is abilenne then he gets lost and found by this fisherman and takes it to his wife her name is Nellie then the evil daughter of Nellie threw him in the dump. Then he is found by buck who is a bum and has no home he lives with them four about 4 years just buck Lucy and Edward and Edward is very fragile he is a china rabbit. Then the sleep on a train and the man on the train kicked Edward right off the train kicked him in the head and sent him off the train. And then he lands in a pile of dirt and is found by some woman that put him on a post and nails his ears on wood to man make him a scarecrow. Then this little boy helps this old woman because he needs money. So he saw Edward and unhung him and grabbed him and ran away and went to his house see here is a good place to stop I don't want to give away the best parts in the book.

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