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A Dog's Life by Ann Martin

February 15, 2008
By Anonymous

“Morning puppies” she whispered. “I see you finally settling down” A Dog’s Life is a novel about a stray dog. What I think about this book its great on one side but on the other side it’s a really sad because dogs are not supposed to be separated by their mothers.

The author of this interesting book is Ann martin, something interesting about the author is she had ancestors (on the mothers side) that was on the May flower! A dog’s life dog’s life is about a mother expecting 5 healthy puppies but that changed terribly 2 came out dead and one came out, alive and then died in an hour later then the 2 survivors names are bone and squirrel ,and they lost their mother when she went to the garbage heap and does not return! Then bone and squirrel get separated and never ever see each other again! This book is so inspiring that if you read this book you will be so sorry for the puppies that have been abused in the world that you might want to adopt one yourself. I recommend this book to puppy lovers everywhere in this world.

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