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Two Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

February 16, 2012
By SaM:) GOLD, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
SaM:) GOLD, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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The Two Way Street is a heartwarming story about an ex couple named Courtney and Jason. They had been together for a few months on their senior year, but they break up and have already accepted to go to the same college, and have a ride planned together to go out to school.
Courtney and Jason were only together for several months, and now they are over. Courtney is heartbroken while Jason is fine. He is fine because he allegedly broke up with Courtney for his new MySpace girlfriend. They plan to attend the same college and have already planned to drive up together before the breakup occurred. Courtney’s parents won’t let her get a last minute plane ticket for the way up, so it looks like she is stuck with Jason. They suffer the long car ride on the way up, but they uncover things about each other that explain why they shouldn’t be back together, or explains why they shouldn’t give up on each other.
Courtney is your average high school senior; she went to all the parties and had close friends. At first she had no interest at all in Jason. Jason was the high school jock that got all the girls and didn’t have an absolute care in the world. The characters in this story were put together so well that you could imagine them in your own high school class also.
I wasn’t expecting this story to have any ounce of real emotion whatsoever. I expected it to be all comedy and nothing else onto it, but the author, Lauren Barnholdt, brought in the aspects of romance and mystery also. The story has a bigger depth and plot then what I expected. It isn’t just your average story about two teens breaking up and the humor of them having to spend time together.

I recommend this book to any type of teenager, well teenage girl. It has a funny story and a very likely plot that could happen to anyone. The characters feel real, the story line all seems real. It has unexpected twists and keeps you wanting more.

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