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December 3, 2007
By Anonymous


I really liked the movie Accepted. To be honest, when I heard of it and saw previews, I was completely uninterested and couldn’t think of why somebody would want to watch such a weird movie. Well, I ended up watching it with a bunch of friends and I still thought the same thing throughout the beginning and I ended up getting hooked on it and I know now it’s a really good movie.

It starts out with a senior in high school named Bartleby. He and all of his classmates are applying and trying to get into colleges. Bartleby has applied to seven different colleges and hasn’t gotten accepted to any of them. He first tries to convince his parents that it’s the better way to go by not going to college, and it will save them a lot of money.

When that doesn’t work, he decides he has no choice but to make up a college. It starts out as just a temporary fix, thinking he can get his parents off his back and he can just get out of the house and make them think he’s at college. He makes up a fake acceptance letter, puts it in the mail and even creates a website to be on the safe side. When his dad sees the letter, he seems a little suspicious, but falls for it. He hands Bartleby his first semester’s tuition of $10,000 and Bartleby is overjoyed that his plan is working.

Well…for a little while. It starts to fall through when his parents want to drop him off at college for his first day. He has no idea what he going to do. A few of Bartleby’s friends have similar situations and when they find out what he’s doing, they want in on it too. They all find a run down abandoned building and decide to fix it up and make it look like a real college with the tuition money his dad had already given him. They get it fixed up and find people to act like college students while his parents drop him off. Everything goes smoothly and he gets away with it.

Next thing Bartleby knows, there are hundreds of college-aged students outside the door saying they all received acceptance letters to the college too. He goes with the flow and lets everybody in. Things get way out of hand and chaotic. Meanwhile, his parents are calling regularly to see how things are going and Bartleby finds it harder and harder to keep them wrapped around his finger every time they call.

Well, just like every other typical movie, Bartleby gets caught and has to go to court for fraud. Although all the “students” of the college show up to support him, he thinks there’s no way he’s going to make it out of there alive. He finds some real inspiration and makes a great attempt to convince the board and judges that he really has a good thing going and they should let them continue the college. To find out if he is successful or not, you’ll have to watch the movie for yourself!

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