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January 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Movie review

Juno MacGuff, the main character of this new style film, is 16 and pregnant, but Juno could not be any more different then this sort of situation would produce. She soon assesses her situation, and confronts her response to it, and tries to accept it for all it is worth. At all it is not like Juno ever treats her pregnancy as thought it is a joke, but instead, she can't help but look for the humor in it and make the best of this situation. The little body of Juno with her protruding belly made for perfect timing when she would call herself names and make light of this situation.
The adults, at first, seem to be square, sad and clueless towards this. But Juno's father and step-mother turn out to be these humorous complicated people too.
This is also true about the baby's potential adoptive parents Mark and Vanessa. The audience's first impression of them, alike Juno's, is of course stereotypical of two adults who are stuck in the conventional lifestyle. Vanessa is uptight and materialistic, while Mark is stuck in his hippie self he once used to be but he tried to hide this from Vanessa, trading alternative-rock mix CDs with Juno and discussing the typical cult horror movies.
"Juno" has the theme, which i feel is, a message that is not anti-abortion but maybe pro-adulthood.

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