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I Am Legend

February 13, 2008
By Anonymous

I Am Legend

Have you ever became the last person on Earth? If you haven't then Will Smith certainly has been in the 2007 smash hit, "I Am Legend". Which was also stemmed from Richard Matheson's 1954 novel of the same name. There were so many reasons for loving this movie, that I couldn't pick just one. But then, again, there were some flaws as well.

In 2009, an outbreak of a lethal virus strikes New York, soon becoming an epidemic. The cause for the outbreak- the cure for cancer. Okay, sure. But if you call mutated humans a cure for cancer, then I'm risking my chances with chemotherapy. So, here's the deal- three years have passed, and over 90% of the world's population is dead. But get this, out of the survivors 9% became infected, while less than 1% actually survived, either commiting
suicide (due to isolation) or being
killed by the "Infected". US Army virologist Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville (Smith), now steps in as the only human alive along with his dog companion, Sam.

Director Francis Lawrence had a great cast, choosing Will Smith as lead. For flashback scenes, there were many extras with help from 160 National Coast Guards, and about three Stryker vehicles.

There was an amazing job with makeup for the "Infected". Even though they did looked like they were going bald, they appeared to be regular people who became sunburned under excessive light. Hence a term for them, "dark seekers". As for the plot, it seemed too realistic; like it was bound to happen. The fact that they found a cure for cancer but it ended up deadly, was too much. What are people going to think now after watching this movie? This became a main flaw with this.

Another were the camera angles. They were every other way. I know that shaking the camera for suspicion is huge in the filming industry, but seriously, that was too much. For instance, the part where Neville's dog goes inside a building filled with darkness (One of many "Infected"'s hideout), I couldn't tell whether or not they were getting attacked.
For "I Am Legend", I rate it a 4.5 out of 5. A must see and a must buy for DVD.

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