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A Walk To Remember

March 19, 2008
By Anonymous

Great. Touching. Emotional. Outstanding. These are just a few words that can be used to describe the sensational movie “A Walk to Remember”. This compelling film is a privilege for the whole audience. This fantastic family movie compels the whole audience to change in an emotional way, a way to create a better lifestyle for everyone.

As the audience watches this masterpiece directed by Adam Shankman, they feel a sensation that could only be created by Shankman’s outstanding directing skills and his creative film angling and lighting. As we watch a touching story of a young, smart, and godlike young lady who changes a trouble-maker and rebellious young man’s life, we travel through ups, downs, happy times, and sad times. These amazing emotions are created by Shankman’s creative camera angling and his scene lighting. He angles and lights the camera and scene just perfectly for the sad times, with darker scenes and dark shadows, but just enough light to create the perfect sad response with the audience. On the other hand, Shankman adds light and joy to the scenes if they are joyous and fun. Shankman is a spectacular and creative director and he adds a little bit of jazz to his films to make them even more outstanding.

“A Walk to Remember” is an amazing and emotional story that compels the audience to change as they watch two completely different people who go through ups and downs together as one, always full of hope, trust, faith, and unconditional love. The characters help to create the sensation as they live in the movie. One character that really sticks out is Jamie, a young, faithful and brilliant young girl. We move through her godlike life and how Landon, a rebellious young man, moves into Jamie’s life to create one life that is full of everything that you would ever want of need, especially unconditional love. As the audience watches these characters through their journey, we get the sensation of a life greater than our own, a life like Jamie’s and Landon’s, a life full of hope, faith, trust, and unconditional love. These characters help to compel the audience to change for the better, and that is one of the reasons this movie is so spectacular!

“A Walk to Remember” is an exceptional film that helps the whole family in a way that can make a big difference in your everyday life. This movie touched my life in a very personal way, a way that made me realize that I should value my life and the love I get from others who feel compassion towards me. After watching “A Walk to Remember”, I felt like I had changed in some way, but in a very good way. I wanted to go and help the people of the world or do something to help others, because this movie compelled me to change my life from ordinary to extraordinary. I wanted to have a life that could be like Jamie’s and Landon’s, and by watching this movie, I was compelled to change my ordinary life to a life full of trust, hope, faith, and most importantly, unconditional love. This movie is definitely a “must see” movie, and on a scale of 1-10, this movie is an 11!

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