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Horton Hears a Who

April 2, 2008
By Anonymous

I waited in a line with mothers, grandparents, and various children under the age of ten for at least twenty minutes for a G-rated movie. Ten minutes later, the lights dimmed, the kids hushed, and the previews began to roll. Over the next hour and a half, I nearly fell from my theatre seat laughing, stared at the screen in unexpected suspense, and almost shed tears.

Horton, the eccentric member of the jungle community, happens upon an infinitely small world. This world was inhabited by the Whos, the infamous trademark creation of children’s book writer Dr. Seuss. Unfortunately, he has the only ears large enough to hear the little people. Those that can’t hear don’t believe poor Horton and turn their attention to destroying his miniscule Who-planet. Horton, on the other hand, has his sights set on keeping the Whos safe by finding them a stable home to rest their universe on against all odds.

Jim Carrey, the voice of protagonist Horton, was perfect for the part. Full of life and excitement, he crafted the insane-sounding ramblings of his character to make the computer-generated animation seem almost real. The familiarity of his humor and the childish nature of this new role matched well together, bringing the older and younger generations together.

Horton Hears a Who is an absolute classic-in-the-making. Being seventeen, I thought the movie wouldn’t be worth the money I paid for a ticket, but I was wrong. The children were wrapped so deeply in the film that none of them spoke a word. The adults were beaming with appreciation for movie that was truly child-appropriate and entertaining for every generation. Horton Hears a Who was worth every minute I used waiting for it.

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