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April 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Click was a 5 star movie for me. This movie is a typical man that has a very busy. He has a wife and a girl and boy. He is trying to do some research for Japanese building but the tv wont turn on with the remote and he goes late at night to find a place to get a universal remote. The store that is open at the latest hour was Bed Bath and Beyond. He decides to check it out and finds that there is a beyond in the store so he goes back there to find this creepy guy working. This guy knows what he was there for. He gives the main character the control for free and goes home to find out that it was no ordinary remote. This remote changed the characters life. This remote controls everything around him and I mean anything which is awesome. But he uses it to his advantage and breaks the remotes. Which sends him through the past and future. Well ill let you figure out the rest. This movie is great. Some advice for the guys this is a good way to make a girl cry. I can tell you that I almost cried when I first saw this movie. It amazing. This movie is for all age groups because in some parts its funny, and some of the other parts are very sad. I cant say much more because this movie is speech less. If you haven’t seen this great movie your missing out. So I suggest you go get this amazing and sad movie!

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