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A Night at the Roxbury

April 8, 2008
By Anonymous

There are very few pieces of material that can take me back to the time when I was young and filled with imagination. The year was 1998 and I was seven years old when I first saw the movie “A Night at the Roxbury”. This movie, to me, is what the 90s was all about. Through age nine, different music and movies helped shape my views of the 90s. “A Night at the Roxbury” was definitely one of my all time favorite moves. When a person asks me what my favorite music or movie is, I think to myself what can I watch over and over again.

“A Night at the Roxbury” is about two brothers Steve and Doug Butabi who try to live in the moment around the night clubbing. The comedy in the movie is one of my favorites because it is not only based on the two brothers being stupid, but also them being real and original. Steve and Doug are played by two of my favorite actors Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan. Will and Chris both starred in “Saturday Night Live.” While I was growing up “Saturday Night Live” also captured me. Having both Will and Chis in the same movie, it was bound to be a hit.

I love how the two brothers are always true to their ways. The movie does a great deal in reminding me that being different is okay. The music in the film, which is by David Kitay, is also great and just makes the movie. “What Is Love?” by Haddaway is one that I’m sure most people have heard before. I highly recommend “A Night at the Roxbury”. This film is just a classic.

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