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April 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Actor Hayden Christiansen plays the main role David in the new spectacular hit movie nominee for two thumbs up probably and from the director of the borne identity and Mr. and ms smith Jumper. This movie Jumper I will remember for a long time. The movie divides the norm people and the jumpers. This action packed movie will keep watching it over and over again. The main character David first discovers his powers when giving his crush in high school a gift that will later show up in the movie. A higschool bully then throws this item into a frozen lake. David discovers his powers when he falls in the lake almost dying from drowning with no way out to escape when he suddenly jumps or teleports from the frozen lake to the hot and crisp school library. There and forever he runs away from home from his abusive dad and from the mother who left David at age five.He then steals a couple bucks from the bank and is rollin in the good life. Samuel Jackson also plays a part in the movie as the killer of jumpers. A religion past on since centuries they believe Jumpers are a nuisance tele porting around doing whatever they want so they believe only god should he this power and they try to exterminate all the jumpers in the world. The know grown up David happens to run into a jumper his crush whose older and his mom who left him when he was little.David, later finds out that she is a jumper killer the mom but she tell s him she left him for his safety so she didn't have to kill David. So she has to hunt him down but David gets a head start and as for Samuel Jackson the vicious killer watch the movie a and find out.

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