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Two and a Half Men

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Two and a Half Men

Charlie Harper (Charlie sheen) is a jingle writer who lives in a Malibu beach house alone and loves it. . Until his control freak little brother Allen (John Cryer) gets kicked out and moves in with him along with his son Jake (Angus Jones). All the while, trying to avoid their bitter and controlling mother, Evelyn (Holland Taylor). You can watch it on CBS at 9:00pm every Monday. Two and a half men stands out because of its loveable theme and appropriate setting.

Since the two brothers are completely opposite and they pick on each other like typical brothers makes you think they really are. The way Evelyn still bosses them around makes her seem just like their actual mother. Also, as if Allen’s separation from Judith,(Marin Hinkle) isn’t enough for him to deal with his sons constant misbehaving and inappropriate actions just adds to the funny things that happen.

Since Allen has an inability to move on Charlie is always trying to get him to try new tings and takes him to pick up girls with him. Jake really picks up on the conflict of Allen’s and Charlie’s lifestyles and in one episode he says, his mind is “like a sponge*”. He misunderstands and rude but honest comebacks can cause problems sometimes. In one episode it is focusing on Allen’s cheapness and when Charlie and Allen went on a double date and when the bill came Allen left to go to the bathroom and Charlie went after him and when they returned back the girls they were with had left with someone else.

Mostly the show is at Charlie’s beach house and there is always a little clip of a row of houses along the beach so you know just where they are at. On occasion it might be at Eveyln’s apartment and they usually just stand at the door for a few minutes trying to decide whether or not it’s even a good idea to go in. The beach house has the same furniture and things that you would imagine someone like that living in. Also there are a lot of scenes on the deck so it really seems like they are right next to the beach.

In conclusion Two and a half men is 30 minutes well spent. With its witty characters, hilarious theme and appropriate setting, Two and a Half Men is wonderful. It really Is funny and pretty enjoyable to watch.

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