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A Disaster

September 17, 2008
By Anonymous

Ironically enough, the most poorly made movie of the year filled with terrible comedic material that of which is mocking the best movies of the year and the pop culture of today, is simply a Disaster of a Movie called Disaster Movie. If you saw this movie whether you’re the kind of person that would laugh at everything and anything or the kind that only would find a well thought-out joke funny, you would still say that this movie was perfectly described by the title alone.
The opening scene at the very beginning of Disaster Movie already gives you that feeling deep down in your gut that you will end up regretting to have bought this dreaded ticket to what I thought of as the stairway straight to hell. The opening scene is of a man poorly playing the role of a caveman running through the wild trying to escape a monster whose omnipresent roar follows him everywhere. This is of course mocking the movie 10,000 B.C. and when I read the subtitle at the bottom of the screen at the very second that the movie begins I could already tell that this movie was going to be ridiculously stupid but it might be funny. The subtitle read ‘10,001 B.C.’, I could only think of one thing as a response to that joke, “Wow..” it was completely moronic to make fun of 10,000 B.C. by adding one year to it.
When a woman is replaced with a stunt man because in the movie she does something that she could never do in her own life or for example when a man is replaced with a doll with a similar skin tone because he does something that would be to hard to shoot with a real actor, the director does his best to hide that and give the illusion to the audience that the actor/actress has really performed that impossible task. What annoys me the most of this movie and of this whole idiotic genre of terrible spoofs, like Epic Movie, Date Movie, Superhero Movie, and Meet the Spartans, is that they put these kind of stunt scenes in on purpose just to try to make us laugh by making the replacement extremely obvious. For example, in Date Movie at the end of the film, a woman rushes to the apartment of her boyfriend on a motorcycle and once she puts her helmet on, the frame changes and a muscular professional motorcyclist is on the motorcycle wearing her clothes with fake hair coming out from the back of the helmet. He’s doing tricks that the actress who he is portraying could never do and yet they made it extremely obvious that it was a man riding the motorcycle. Sometimes they replace a man with a doll, like in Epic Movie. In Epic Movie, a man impersonating Captain Jack Sparrow throws the main character at a couple of enemies but again they make it too obvious and he held the doll in front of the camera for about five seconds to give you enough time to let the idea of them using a cheap doll sink into your head. In Disaster Movie they do the same, just like in their previous spoof movies and it annoys me a lot because they do it way too much in their spoof movies.
Although I did giggle at some points of the movie most of the time it was because every one of the seven friends I watched it with was laughing as well and as you may not know but will soon come to realize, laughter is contagious. So the movie had a terrible story, very low budget, and worst of all very stupid jokes. The movie in general was just annoying the way they made fun of Juno, how they had one actor play like about seven roles and how the director didn’t even care about the movie he was making. I recommend that you don’t watch this movie, don’t let anyone else fall victim to this movie, and maybe even send the director of these spoofs a letter to please stop what he is doing. I’m just glad that I was able to leave the movie theater without becoming as dumb as the disaster that was the Disaster Movie.

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