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By Anonymous

   I saw a special advanced screening of this movie, and when it was over, I left saying, "Well, it's finally been proven. Tom Hanks is the man who can do anything in the entertainment industry."

With "That Thing You Do!" Tom Hanks, in his first film that he wrote AND directed AND starred in AND took part in producing, has cranked out one good movie. Although the critics might give it only a "fair" rating, and the Oscar judges may pass it over, this film is definitely worth spending the insane ticket price to see. In this high-schooler's honest opinion, "That Thing You Do!" is one of the best films of 1996.

Four post high-schoolers (dreaming of starting their own rock-and-roll band) have a song they think will propel them to fame. The song, ("That Thing You Do!") wins them a talent show, and from there, they become an imitation of the Beatles: four rock-'n'-rolling mop-heads.

A constant laugh is evoked from the audience when the crowds at the band's shows cannot pronounce the name of the group correctly.

Any moviegoer who has seen Tom Hanks in anything BESIDES "Forrest Gump" can see that Matt Scaecher, who plays Guy, the drummer, is the spitting image of Hanks, in acting and appearance. Watch out for him, folks. Liv Tyler, (daughter of Aerosmith singer Steven), now in almost as many movies as Sandra Bullock, delivers a nice show, as does The Man himself, Tom Hanks.

The movie delivers a "Mr. Holland's Opus"-ish kind of punch at the end, which makes the film all the more close to real life. Mixed in with a great soundtrack, "That Thing You Do!" should be that thing you see.

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