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   A Perfect World

A Perfect World stars two Oscar-winning directors, and remarkable actors, Kevin Costner and Clint Eastwood. After doing bang-up business at the Oscars, for Unforgiven, Eastwood now directs and stars in this new release. This film also stars Laura Dern, from the summer blockbuster, Jurassic Park.

A Perfect World is a story of an escaped convict, Butch Haynes, played by Kevin Costner, who abducts an eight-year-old boy. The boy, Phillip Perry, has no father, and somehow finds unexpected compassion from his captor. Traveling on the desolate Texas roads in a 1957 Ford, Butch and Phillip are chased by the law. The Texas ranger, Red Garnett, played by Eastwood, Dern, the criminologist, and a trigger happy gunman, travel the same desolate roads, but always seem to just miss the escapee. Everyone traveling under the hot Texas sun is taking his chances knowing this can never be ... A Perfect World.

A wonderful, and moving movie, you won't want to miss. Kevin Costner, who saved Whitney Houston, and danced with wolves, changes his image abruptly to play the criminal, and does a magnificent job doing it. With these two Oscar winners, it can be nothing else but perfect. .

Review by A. D., Somers, CT

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