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The Clockmakers Daughter

September 15, 2022
By Natitoon GOLD, Washington, District Of Columbia
Natitoon GOLD, Washington, District Of Columbia
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This is a musical created in 2015 by Scottish composers Michael Webborn and Daniel Finn. It has won 11 awards by critics.  There are 17 songs in this show and it can be seen on Spotify. A video version of this show is up on Youtube.

The story is about a clockwork girl named Constance. It is set in the fictional Irish town of Spindlewood in the nineteen century. The plot is basically that Constance was created by a man named Abraham to serve as his daughter because his real one died. At first, Constance listens to her father, but one day, she gets curious about the outside world and decides to go out, despite Abraham having rules against that because he wants to protect her. Then she meets and falls in love with a human man named Will. She wants to be free and tells him that. Will also shares her dreams of freedom.  They both have to deal with their towns' traditions and prejudices and the fear of the unknown.



Main Characters

Constance is the protagonist. She has a kind personality. Initially she does what she is told, but slowly, develops into her own personality. She is curious, friendly and rebellious.  Despite technically not being human , she is considered a person by herself because  she can talk , think and feel like a human.

Abraham Reed is a clockmaker and the father/creator of Constance.  He is a bit overprotective of her.   For example, he tells her that the outside world is dangerous because he doesn't want her to leave him. He really loves his daughter, even though he doesn't always make the best decisions for her. 


Will is Constance's love interest. He has a good heart. He is honest, handsome , brave and kind. He is one of the few people who treats her like a person because he thinks she is human.


Ma Riley is a dressmaker and Will's mother. She doesn't like Constance because Constance makes better clothes. She is jealous of her.


My opinion

I like this musical because it is unique, has complex characters and catchy songs. I like the plot because it has themes that are relevant today like prejudice and fear of differences. The music helps you understand the plot. My favorite character is Constance because she is a nice person and has big dreams. I relate to her because I am unique and my parents are overprotective. My favorite song is Clockwork, in which Constance argues with Abraham while an angry mob tries to hunt them down. I like it because it is a super intense number. The story has references to Pinocchio because the main character was created to serve as a child to its creator. The difference between Pinocchio and Constance is that Pinocchio is loyal and obedient, while Constance initially starts off like that but slowly develops into her own person and learns to make decisions for herself. The reactions of the people in the town when they find out that Constance is not human (she looks like a person but has to be wound up) reminds me of the reactions of the people in other musicals like Wicked and Beauty and the Beast because they decide to form a mob to hunt her down.

This musical reminds me of a Disney movie because the main character dreams of seeing the world and has an i want song about it.










The author's comments:

i really like this musical

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