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The Eagles, Long Road Out of Eden Tour

December 18, 2008
By Anonymous

I knew that it was going to be great; I just didn’t know that it was going to be that great. That which I am referring to is The Eagles concert that I attended. I went to the concert on November 9th, 2008 in Kansas City, MO at the Sprint Center. I was awestruck when I first arrived. Then during the concert I couldn’t believe how amazing it was. Then, once the night concluded itself and we had to drive home, I was on a natural high the entire time. It was miraculous.

When we grew near to the Sprint Center I could not help but to flail around in the car with excitement. We had to go to the top of a parking garage to park and I practically ran to the Sprint Center from there. When I stepped in I was amazed at how big it was, they have an escalator that is almost three stories tall! Then we(My mother, my father, Brad Sherman and I) made it to where are seats were and I couldn’t believe the view. Sure it was a little far back but we had a really good angle and direct visual of the stage. I was already astonished and the show hadn’t even started!

Soon a chant raged all over the through the crowd. They were chanting for the show to begin. We all began a slow clap progressing into a faster pace and soon The Eagles emerged from backstage. The crowd roared with excitement as they saw the shadowy figures in the dark. Soon the lights materialized and the entire band began to play. The crowd gained excitement as the night progressed and so did the band. The famous Joe Walsh got a chance to strut his stuff when they performed a song packed full of guitar (Joe Walsh plays lead guitar)and they gave him a helmet cam! He went around playing looking at the crowd and everything that he saw was projected up onto a large screen. It was extraordinary! Soon they “finished” playing and went off stage but Brad and I pulled out a couple of lighters and started swinging them and screaming and along with the rest of the multitude of spectators cheering we managed to bring them out for an encore. Pre-which I was really hoping for a few songs that they didn’t play and they sure delivered in the encore! After that we all made our way out of The Sprint Center and maneuvered our way to the car for the voyage home.

It was not until almost 2 in the morning that we got home but the entire ride back was an experience. After the show I was on a natural high from all of the music and thrill of it. Even though it was super late and I had school the next day I just could not sleep. I was truly dazed and confused so long it’s not true. We had to drop Brad off at home and he had to crawl out of the car he was so tired, I don’t even think that I said bye. I think that one of the best parts of the entire thing was sporting my new t-shirt the next day at school.

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