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The summer i turned pretty s2 review (first 4 episodes)

July 26, 2023
By Anonymous

I want to know other people’s opinion about it so bad because i think the s1 was better.Felt like a book to me that i was focusing and was not remembering that I actually read a book.I think that is the main reason that i liked it more.But this season only been 4 episodes but felt boring after the first release Taylor and Steven’s character development was what we needed but they act like nothing happened and dont talk is making me bad because it makes no communication between them they dont solve anything.When i see edits everyone literally wants shayla back idk if books have them but i think she was an icon in s1.This season is more about not losing the house ,belly trying to get everyone together ,missing susannah and more.I didnt like the character skye much because they feeling like they’re not gonna like each other more or maybe hate . I think what i was more upset is susannah’s sister not telling anything to kids why she had to sell it .The lack of communication was so much that i feel like i want close the show . The s1 was more friendship,love this season is more about sadness you literally just see sadness in their eyes the actors and actress were doing great about this situation.The think is that were so many cringe scenes and most of them are with skye so it feels like you’re getting biased to them.These were my opinion about first 4 episodes of s2 . English is not my first language.i hope you read my first article agreeing.

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This is my first article thank you for reading.

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