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Two and a half Men

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Are you looking for a great sitcom to watch at night? Two and a Half Men have five main characters who are Jake, Alan, Charlie, Roberta, and Jakes mom. This show is on every week at 7:30 pm on fox. Two and a Half Men is the best sitcom because it has an interesting plot, hilarious characters, and a theme that will keep you interested.
First the interesting plot. This sitcom episode took place in their living room, watt’s restaurant, and the video game store. The episode I watched was about fixing the satellite dish, calling “The Guy’, and Alan getting hurt. Charlie does not remember buying a ladder until Alan found the girl panties on the satellite dish.
The acting in Two and a Half Men is very good because the characters comebacks are quick and witty. In this episode Alan fell off a ladder while trying to fix the satellite dish and got injured. His son Jake is coming over and he want’s to call and say that he can’t have him over because he is hurting. Jake annoyed Charlie a lot, until he got his way.

Finally the phenomenal theme is what makes this show so great. The message of this show is to call “The Guy” to have something fixed. The writing was great; they always had witty comebacks, and hilarious things to say. Like when Charlie asked Alan, “how many of his pain relievers does it take to commit suicide?”

I recommend watching this sitcom because it has a unique plot, hysterical parts, characters, and an interesting theme. Those are just a few things this sitcom is good at, I didn’t say much about the setting, acting, and writing, which were also very good.Next time you’re watching television at 7:30 pm then turn the channel to fox and enjoy an episode of Two and a Half Men.

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