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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever tried to find a good family show? Well Reba is a really good

family show because it has a good storyline, it’s funny, and it always has a good


Reba is a single mother who has three kids Cheyenne, Kyra and Jake.

Cheyenne is the oldest and is married to Van. Kyra is the middle child, and Jake is the youngest. Brock is Reba’s ex-husband and is married to Barbra Jean. This
episode has a good storyline because Reba finds out that Brock’s father past
away at a golf course. Brock doesn’t want to have a funeral because he and his

father didn’t get along, so he asks Reba if she could help. So she agrees till she

finds out that Barbra Jean had some ideas for the funeral. Barbra Jean can have some crazy ideas when it comes to funerals or weddings. Reba got very angry with Brock because he let Barbra Jean help.

Reba is a funny show because the characters work so well together, which makes it fun to watch. One of the things that make so fun is when Reba and Barbra Jean get into arguments over silly things. Reba usually wins because Barbra Jean is not that clever. Other reason why it is so funny is when Van makes weird comments because he thinks he so smart but really he’s not which also makes it funny. Van is really slow at processing things and it is so fun to watch.

This show takes place in Houston, Texas at Reba’s house or sometimes at Brock’s house. Almost all of the episodes have a really good ending because all of the problems are fixed. Cheyenne and Van find out that they are having a baby girl. Cheyenne is so excited but Van is a little upset because he wanted a boy. In the end he finds out that he really didn’t care if they were having a girl. He would still love her no matter what happened. Brock finally decides to cremation he father and poor him over the golf field where he died. So that is what he does but he also takes Jake with him to help him out. Jake doesn’t really understand the whole thing but Brock didn’t care.

Reba is a really good family show because it always has a good storyline, it is very funny, and it always has a good ending. The show comes on at 4:00 till 5:00 on the weekdays on the CW. This show can be very meaningful because of what happens to the family everyday. They face hard times but they always make it because they are strong. That is why Reba is a good family show.

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