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Hannah Montana

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Do you think it would be easy trying to be an average teenage girl and a teen pop star? Well, that’s simply Miley Cyrus in her show Hannah Montana. Miley Stewart is a fourteen year old girl leading a double life, as Hannah Montana (weekdays at 7 pm on Disney channel) as it rises and heats up the charts, as well as her live concerts. With the help of her dad and manager Billy Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus) anything is possible. The TV sitcom Hannah Montana stands out from the pack because of its wonderful characters, hysterical acting, and age appropriate theme.

Music’s biggest star is in her school’s biggest secret. That’s Miley Stewart a sweet and innocent teenage girl with a double life. Always there for here two best friends Lilly and Oliver, she still makes time for playing tricks on Amber. Miley is popular, but like every other student she still struggles to keep her grades up. As Hannah Montana she’s a teenage blonde sensation. She’s always in some up to beat in style clothing, full of energy, and ready for whatever comes her way.

If it was not for the hilarious and believable acting, this show would not be worth watching. But do to this hysterical teenage slang; you just can’t keep from laughing. Miley most certainly uses “Oh snap” or even “Sweet nibblets,” all the time. Its acting is so believable because the writing is relevant to the actors and its audience. Plus each actor has experienced the situation and so they have some experience in the slang.

Theme plays a very important role in Hannah Montana. In each and every episode it’s guaranteed you will learn a life lesson. It may be something simple such as, “Just be proud with who you are.” And science the audience is mainly teenagers the theme is very age appropriate and useful later on in life such as, “Nobody’s perfect.” So parents this is a good show for your teens to watch, not only cause it hysterical, but your child is learning a life lesson at the same time.

With the real life characters, hilarious and unbelievable acting, and useful theme, Hannah Montana is a show you and the whole family won’t want to miss. So don’t be a party pooper and miss out on the laughter, tune in on weekdays 7 pm to Disney channel and experience the laughter. Who knows you might even learn a life lesson your self.

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