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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

You think your friends are funny not only that crazy. You should check this show out “friends”. It’s about six friends living in two apartment’s right across from each other living life to the fullest and just having fun. You wouldn’t believe the ridicules that happen. The show is incredible funny and you will want to watch it over and over. (Fox 11:00pm) friends is a very entertaining sitcom because the characters flow, the acting is phenomenal, and the plot leaves you wanting more with its believable situations and excitement.

The acting in this particular sitcom is very believable. It’s believable because the characters go through real life dilemmas, for instance when Rachel and Ross fell in love they didn’t think it would work because they were like best friends and they thought it might ruin their friendship. The show is also funny and enjoyable to watch. They make it funny by their facial expressions and that they don’t break character. Their dialogue is another way that the sitcom is funny and enjoyable thanks to the excellently written script.

The plot is the conflict. In this particular episode is Ross and Rachel buy their baby a cake for her first birthday when they open it, it is shaped like an inappropriate figure. They must return the cake before everyone leaves. By putting something as unpredictable as a cake to have something wrong such as this it is ironic. By doing such things in the episodes it makes it more interesting to watch. By using these interesting conflicts it keeps you interested and makes you laugh. It is funny because of the so many ridicules things happen make it funny to watch.

The characters are very believable. They are believable because their ability to play off each other. They do this well by not breaking character and keeping things flowing. For instance in each episode when something is funny they don’t just break out and start laughing. The characters also grow and develop over time witch makes them better actors. By doing this they make it more enjoyable and funny. Like when Rachel and Ross where dating they had to make it believable. This happened because all the characters have great chemistry.

This show draws reviewers because the strong bond between the actors, the interesting scenes, and the uniquely made plot and dialogue. To keep viewers I think it would be wise to change the viewing time to 8:00pm so more viewers have the chance to watch it. This is what the editors should do I think

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i love this show