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Invader Zim

March 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Tow aliens are trying to take over earth. One alien is an actual Irkin alien, while the other (G.I.R) is an Irkin (alien) robot. G.I.R, the less intelligent of the two, was asked to observe his surroundings while Zim, the alien, looked for a place to set up base.

“G..I.R, what did you see?” Zim asked.

“I saw a squirrel… was doin’ like this!” G.I.R. said, cluelessly, as usual. G.I.R and Zim are the two main characters in the T.V series “Invader Zim”, and Dib is a minor, yet important character. Zim the Irkin alien, and G.I.R the not-so-intelligent Irkin robot are trying to take over the Earth, while Dib (the only human who knows that they are aliens) is trying to stop them. This show is appropriate for all ages, even adults watch this show.

When Zim, the alien who messes everything up, wants to be an Irkin Invader, all The Tallest (his leaders) can do is laugh. When all the real invaders were assigned their planets and Standard-issue Information Retrieval (S.I.R) units, Zim decides to take a stand. The Tallest give in and decide to let Zim to destroy planet Earth– the also give him a dysfunctional version of the S.I.R robot, G.I.R. Once they get to Earth and begin carrying out their plans to destroy it, the Zim and G.I.R. find out that the big-headed boy named Dib is the reason for all their failures.

There are many good things about this show, for example, the characters (traits) in this show are very consistent. In other words, Zim is never nice to Dib...and that never changes. Also, Gaz (Dib’s sister) is never nice. She always stays the same, foul tempered and hungry for Bloaty’s Pizza. By the same token, each episode has a similar plot– the show hardly ever varies. Nearly every episode has is about Zim is thinking up a master plan to take over the earth while Dib (on purpose) and G.I.R (accidentally) sabotage his plans. The show never has any twists– no surprise endings. The fact that the characters stay the same all the time is usually a negative thing,. But if you try and imagine a serious G.I.R, the show would not be funny anymore. Thought the characters are the same– and that is a positive thing, it is not the same for the plot. The only way that the producers are going to keep this show on the air is if they liven things up a bit.

Compared to adult cartoons, this show is very mild and kid-friendly. Thought most adults try to steer clear of childish cartoons, “Invader Zim” keeps fans of all ages interested. Adult cartoons, such as “Family Guy” and “South Park” contain crude humor (examples include jokes on Jews, colored people, racism, ect.). “Invader Zim,” on the other hand, is very kid friendly. The only thing that parents might have the slightest objection to is the constant use of the terms “dookie” and “poop”. Older teens and people in their early 20’s even are finding themselves attached to the hilarious, yet immature show.

“Invader Zim” is a funny show, but I would only recommend it to people 15 years old and younger. The show is funny, but one can only watch something so much before it gets annoying. This show deserves four star rating because of the characters, the good animation, and the punch-lines.

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on Sep. 23 2014 at 2:35 pm
WhatOnceWas SILVER, Kirkland, Washington
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I would give the show five stars, but that's because I'm a biased Zim fangirl. It's true that the show is predictable, but that's also what gives it its charm. Especially when Zim and Dib turn into bologna. But the fandom keeps things going. People also ship characters, like ZaDr (Zim and Dib romance, that's my favorite) ZaTr (Zim and Tak romance) ZaGr (Zim and Gaz) DaTr (Dib and Tak) and RaPr (Red and Purple). There are more, Like ZaPr (Zim and Purple romance), but the main pairings are ZaDr and ZaGr. Wow, this comment is pointless. Anyway, I thought that this review was pretty good. And while some statements are a bit off, I found it interesting.

on Oct. 9 2011 at 6:15 pm
Studio_Riet GOLD, Tonasket, Washington
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At my school, GIR is very popular, and is one of my favorite cartoon characters. It in fact, took me 2 years to actually watch the show itself. I've only seen a few episodes, but this review is pretty acurate. ^^ A favorite passed-time of my friennds and mine is quoting Zim, Dib, and GIR (especially).