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Do You Love Lucy?

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Tired of all of those raunchy modern sit-coms? Ready to go back to the classics? Well then, I suggest watching I Love Lucy (TV land~ Monday-Friday at 5:30 AM & 6:00 and 6:30 PM; Saturday at 10 AM- 12 Pm & 10-11 PM). The show depicts a 1950’s couple living in a New York apartment with their landlords with whom they have many adventures. Ricky Ricardo (Lucy’s husband both in real life and in the show) is a Cuban bandleader at a club by the name of Tropicana, Lucy Ricardo is a housewife, and the Mertz’s (Fred and Ethel) are the Ricardo’s landlords and best friends. Although it may sound boring, I Love Lucy is actually an enjoyable show. You should watch I Love Lucy for its classic plot, unique characters, and easily identifiable theme.
The plot from I Love Lucy is noted as a classic, yet when you watch it, it seems very distinctive. I think the plot is made interesting because of the characters. They have this tendency to either blow things out of proportion or come up with schemes that get them into huge trouble. The way they come about situations is actually quite funny. For example, Lucy is always trying to prove she can do something, and her husband and friends constantly try to prevent her from going through with what she has up her sleeve. For example, in the episode, “Lucy Writes a Novel”, Ricky, Ethel and Fred do not think she can pull off getting a novel of her creation published. They try to prevent her from succeeding in several different ways, like burning the copy of her book. But, Lucy thought ahead and made several copies of her book. In the end, Lucy’s book is published, although not in the way she had hoped. That just goes to show you that Lucy is very persistent and never gives up, no matter if she is right or wrong.
The characters of I Love Lucy learn from their schemes gone wrong. They also learn from being around one another and from the relationship they have with each other. For example, when watching the show, you learn that Ricky is very short-tempered, yet he gradually learns patience from dealing with his “crazy” wife. The characters are in general very easy to identify with. They are average people who deal with average problems, yet their problems are twisted by the quirky personalities (i.e. Lucy is a bit eccentric). I find that in the show, their real-life personalities and backgrounds sneak into the show, or at least it seems. Ricky, for example, is a Cuban immigrant. You notice throughout the episodes, when he gets angry or frustrated, he rambles things in Spanish. Lucy brings her will to be different to the show. It just makes the show more entertaining.
I believe that many themes can be found in the show. I have found to that kind of tie in together and are provided by Lucy herself. She illustrates that we should strive to be different and strive to reach your goals, even if you are opposed. Do not be afraid to be different is what she seems to say. For one thing, her red hair would say that, as would her fiery and distinctive personality. Lucy and her schemes scream unusual, yet it isn’t a bad thing. At the end of the day, Lucy has those she loves around her and she has a feeling of accomplishment for at least trying. I think people love Lucy because she was different (I know I do).
Once again, you should definitely check out I Love Lucy for its humorous and original storyline, loveable characters, and close-to-heart messages. I recommend to people of any age to watch it at least once, because once you watch it, you will fall in love with it. I also think that along with at least giving it a trial, it should be put back on its original station (CBS) to both give people a chance to watch it and honor it by putting it on the station that first showed us the charismatic Lucy we all know love. Give Lucy and the rest of the gang a chance and you won’t regret it!

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